The Movement from Thought to Action
After many unhappy years of being overweight, I finally reached my largest weight ever in December of 2004. I was 382 pounds and I had a BMI of 59. I was borderline diabetic and I had severe sleep apnea. Basically, I had no energy and it hurt to move. At this point I knew that I needed to do something. Up until this point all other diets had basically failed. I realized surgery was the only option left.
After visiting with Dr. Coon, I completed all the tests I was supposed to and then I was assigned to a dietician named Sara Weyenberg. She helped me immensely by guiding me in my weight loss process. You see, I needed to lose 30 pounds before I could even have the surgery because my BMI was too high. Finally, after three months, I lost the 30 pounds that I needed to in order to have the surgery.
On March 28, 2005, Doctor John Coon preformed the gastric bypass on me and my life was changed forever. This surgery was not an easy one to endure but it was well worth the pain for me. Almost being four months out, I have lost a total of one hundred and ten pounds. I am no longer borderline diabetic nor do I have sleep apnea.
I am now able to do various tasks I could only dream of before. I can go to a restaurant and sit in a booth verses having to sit at a table with chairs. I went to a Dodger baseball game for the first time in fifteen years and I was able to sit in my seat without sitting in mine and the persons next to me. I am no longer afraid to go into a public restroom and fear the handicap stall is being used as now I can use any stall.
These are just a few of the tasks that have improved for me. My self confidence has gone through the roof and that has allowed me to be able to pursue my dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher. I would recommend this surgery to anyone and if I had to make the decision again, I would do it in a heartbeat.
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