Meet MAKO –
the newest member of our surgical team.

Parkview has a new cutting edge treatment option- MAKOplasty. Its state of the art technology which will relieve joint pain and help restore your active lifestyle. This advanced robotic technology is now used in hip and knee replacement surgery. This totally innovative procedure, using a robotic arm, helps surgeons achieve new levels of precision- only targeting the diseased portions, leaving healthy tissue and bone alone.
MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement- This advanced technology assists surgeons in attaining a new level of precision to restore mobility and active lifestyle.
MAKOplasty®  Partial Knee Resurfacing- For patients with early to mid-stage arthritis of the knee. Surgeons can precisely target only the diseased portion of the knee, without compromising the healthy bone and surrounding tissue.


The benefits of MAKOplasty®  are:
  • rapid recovery
  • minimal  hospital stay
  • smaller incision
  • less implant wear


As with our total joint replacement patients, MAKOplasty patients receive excellent care and service in our joint center which offers:

  • A dedicated hospital wing with private rooms
  • A joint care coordinator who educates you and your family about the procedure and guides you through every step of the process – from pre-op to post-op
  • Specially trained nurses and physical therapists

 ***Join us for a FREE education seminar on MAKOplasty.***

MAKO Education Seminars
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