Joint Replacement

Every portion of your body is considered alive and each of them must be taken care of, especially your bones. Joint Replacement Surgery is a procedure where an orthopedic surgeon removes part or the entire joint that is causing too much pain and replaces it with an artificial joint, whether it is plastic, metal, or sometimes both. The new joint will be either cemented or not cemented to the joint region, depending on the age and active lifestyle of the patient. Once the damage joint is replaced, you will no longer feel any pain from that region, allowing you to start on your favorite activities once again.
The patient will be given general anesthesia during the operation and it will take approximately one to three hours, depending on what type of joint is being replaced and how damaged it is.
If you frequently experience any of the following complications, it might be time to ask your doctor about surgery:
  • Pain in your hip or knee that keeps you awake at night
  • Little or no help from pain medications or pain that continues to worsen
  • Difficulty walking or climbing stairs
  • Trouble standing from a seated position
  • Having to limit or stop activities you enjoy because you’re in too much pain