Maternal and Children's Services

Maternity Class Schedule
The Mother and Baby Department is honored with helping thousands of babies start their lives at Parkview Community Hospital. It is an honor we take pride in. We will be here with you every step of the way, starting from your pregnancy, where we offer many free classes to prepare you for your baby’s arrival and assist him/her with his/her first steps. The services we provide are designed to promote a healthy pregnancy and ensure a safe delivery for your new member of the family. Our maternity unit holds the elements of a safe and comfortable environment that makes you feel right at home and contains an experienced team of medical professionals. As a community hospital, we are patient-centered. We provide the individualized attention and care that you and your baby deserve. We are thrilled that we have such an experienced team of medical professionals; many of whom have been with our mother baby unit for more than 15 years.
The Mother and Baby Department offers comprehensive services during your pregnancy, including non-stress testing, ultrasound, pre-term labor care, and diabetes care and education. We are capable of handling the most high-risk obstetric cases. Also, we have a level III/community level neonatal intensive care unit.
Come celebrate a very special birthday with us – your baby’s!
We're Baby-Friendly!
We have Good News for babies throughout the Riverside area -- Parkview has been awarded the Baby-Friendly designation. This designation puts us in an elite group of hospitals, one of only 119 in the U.S.  Baby-Friendly USA is a global program sponsored by the World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and recognizes hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for breastfeeding.  Highlights include: all staff are trained in breastfeeding, support is available after discharge, and newborns stay with their mothers.
Maternity Classes and Tours 
Parkview is proud to be able to provide free classes and tours in an effort to promote healthy mothers and babies throughout the Riverside Community.