NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Where to deliver your baby is the first critical choice you face as a parent. At Parkview's bestBeginnings department we go the extra mile to prepare for any complications. Babies who have been born prematurely or exhibit symptoms or any medical problems that require intensive care, are provided with the best care possible. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is staffed by an expert team of neonatologists, nurses, and respiratory therapists, all trained to provide assistance to these infants. Our transport team is also ready day or night to transport babies from other hospitals who are unable to care for them.
Parkview bestBeginnings wanted to take the necessary steps to make it a little easier for parents and offers The NicView Web Camera System.
NicView gives a "virtual window" into our NICU. NicView Webcams are mounted above the crib and provide the parents real-time viewing of their baby, securely over the internet.
Parkview is proud to be affiliated with CHOC Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty neonatologists! They provide 24/7 coverage for our babies in the NICU. Other CHOC PSF specialists are also available as a resource for our patients. For more information regarding CHOC PSF, you may go to their website at
Due to our high standard of care, bestBeginnings NICU has been awarded a Level III/community level designation by California Children’s Services.