Labor & Delivery

Parkview Community Hospital bestBeginnings department has been diligent in hiring well-trained and experienced individuals perfect to be our Labor and Delivery nurses. The bestBeginnings department offers labor delivery recovery (LDR) suites that provide a warm, safe and private setting that will assist you during your birth experience. All of the suites contain an advanced monitoring system so our nurses and your physician can monitor you and your baby throughout the entire birthing process. 
 If a Cesarean section (C-section) is either scheduled or has become necessary, your support person will be allowed to stay with you in the operating room. The surgical suites are located inside the Labor and Delivery department and your recovery will take place in our department as well.
All babies who are stable after delivery are placed skin to skin for "The Golden Hour". Parkview nurses are trained to help you breast-feed to foster a healthy baby. This promotes bonding, brain development, and breastfeeding. Family and siblings may join you to celebrate the birth of your baby, after this time.